How To Fight & Beat Bigger Guys | STREET FIGHT SURVIVAL | Most Painful Self Defence Techniques

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it's important that I use BB and smaller

that I move a lot more straight down the

middle come a fist for the headboards

always optional this is the worst place

you might be and Lina my head off oh my

momentum is coming forward on to that

honey what's up guys welcome to another

episode of street fight survival and

today we're going to be taking a look

how to fight against somebody who's

bigger broader and possibly taller yeah

I mean it's a common question we got

asked as well in the comments section of

the previous videos so if you haven't

seen those make sure to check them out

today we're gonna be going through the

kind of breaking escape but also some

more of the preemptive yeah and the

conceptual stuff that comes where the

things that you can do that will keep

you safe against someone who is are