5 Tips to INSTANTLY become a Better Pool Player!

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hey guys I'm Jade Dupree and today I'll

be showing you some tips to instantly

become a better pool player I know it

sounds far-fetched but they really are

tips that will instantly transform your

game so the first thing we're gonna talk

about is ball talk I mean how do you

improve your ball pocket how do you

actually make the ball now one tip that

I have for you is to look at the angle

of the shot I know it sounds so basic

but what a lot of people do is they'll

just like you ball land somewhere and

they'll just and just like it's like

that and then you make a careless

mistake once you go down the road you

may want run one rack but after that you

may completely botch it just because you

didn't care about what angle you had

like that so always take the time to