Boxing Tips - 3 Tactics to Beat a Stronger Boxer

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Irish fans and this is a 90-second

boxing chip how to deal with an opponent

who is very strong okay

physical strength different than punch

power if you ever involved in boxes you

look across the rink you will see a guy

often who's looks like that really

skinny physically not terribly strong

punches like he's got a lump hammer in

each glove okay

the fit of skies often are the most

powerful in terms of pulse power but

we're talking about strength here

physical strength being the bully and

push around the ring a real number one

leave your ego outside the ring boxing

is not a match of strength okay well

it's one of the characteristics of a

boxing like it doesn't mean the be-all

and end-all so those get in the ring and

visibly see a stronger garden you can