How to Beat Bangers | Defending against hard hitters in pickleball

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hi welcome to prime time pickleball my

name is Nicole Havlicek in today's video

we're gonna cover the number one skill

you need to beat bangers that skill is

soft hands and the ability to slow the

game down by taking pace off the ball

you need to develop the ability to drop

the ball in the kitchen when receiving a

hard drive this is easier said than done

which is why it's something you need to

drill overtime to master here's Jordan

to show us a great drill to develop your

soft hands and beat bangers ok so today

we're going to go over a reset drill and

this is a really good one for you

players who are trying to soften up your

hands at the net okay so in pickleball

you're going to be up at the the

non-volley zone line and sometimes

people are going to want to speed that

ball up and all the time it's not it's