How to Get Out of a Bad Mood

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hello everybody welcome back to my

channel it's sharzad in case you have

forgot or if you're new hi my name is

Shahrzad I wanted to share with you guys

some of my top tips for getting out of a

bad mood or getting out of a funk now

I'm normally a very happy person but

that doesn't mean that I don't get into

a bad mood and become debbie downer

meets Negative Nancy and just feel like

my world is like crumbling first thing

that I do if I'm feeling just like angry

pissed-off negative about something I

will scream or I will cuss it feels good

to just like let out some curse words or

scream and just get it out of your

system I promise you you will feel just

like almost refreshed after that or you

could scream in the shower too you know

just get your screams and your cusses

out number two blast your favorite music