How To Beat TCU Coach Gary Patterson's 4-2-5 Defensive Scheme | Oklahoma Football

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what's up kinfolk it's our jae-young and

today i'm gonna tell you how to stop

TCU how to destroy Gary Patterson's 4 to

5 scheme I'm gonna take a look at three

plays TCU used against Texas two which

resulted in big gains for Texas but that

wasn't because of the scheme that was

because well

Texas has athletes just to go to show

that sometimes athletes make plays

despite the scheme I'm gonna tell you

how Gary patch this defense works I'm

going to tell you why it works I'm going

to tell you how their recruiting

strategy works at a place like Texas

Christian which is not a traditional

blueblood but consistently puts a great

defense on the field that can stop these

up-tempo no huddle hurry up offenses

we're gonna take a look at personnel

we're gonna take a look at groupings on