10 Ways To Beat A DUI

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today we're going to talk about ten ways

to beat a DUI hello everyone I'm

attorney Joe Palmetto Joe the lawyer the

founding partner of Joe Palmetto law

often times when people get DUIs they

are resigned to losing they think that

they've already lost their case and that

there's no way to win I'm here to tell

you that is not always true I've been

practicing law for over seven years I've

done many DUI cases many traffic cases

that's a large majority of my work and

there are ways to beat a DUI today I'm

going to list 10 ways that you can beat


number one is suppression what do I mean

by suppression well if the police made

an illegal stop of your vehicle you can

suppress all the evidence that came

after that illegal stop in order for the

police to stop your vehicle legally they