How to Embarrass a 2-3 Zone Defense

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what is going on guys this is Daniel and

this video is for all the coaches out

there that have struggled against the

2-3 zone defense in this video I will

show you my favorite way to attack a 2-3

zone defense and as a coach you can make

this offense as complicated or as simple

as you'd like and I'm using North

Carolina as my demonstration team

because under Roy Williams they run the

same type of offense against the zone

that I would run and they had great

success against Syracuse the other night

so let's get to it let's start off with

the basic motion the basic alignment is

3 out 2 in with 1 interior player at the

high post and one in the slot along the

baseline I like it when the perimeter

players have the freedom to move

anywhere along the perimeter not simply

in a specific spot on the floor as long