How to Beat a 1-3-1 Half Court Zone Press

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okay so here we have a 1/3 1/2 court

press defense setup now when I was

coaching it was the Burlington rep team

way back in the day we had a heck of a

lot of trouble trying to beat this in

the first quarter it was the first time

we were ever faced not me but my players

where ever faced with a very strong

half-court zone preps now they were

always taught ok in down the ball get

the ball up the court now

I always taught them to go up the court

down the middle player 1 is now cutting

off that option so what is he going to

do he's going to pass over to this side

which now player 2 moves up one will

move over 3 will gari player 2 and 4 is

going to guard that long pass what along

here now that's the difficult part

because now instinctively that player is