Beat a Basketball 1-2-2 Zone Defense with David Hixon's "40 Series!"

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all right so we're gonna designate FRU

as a shooter in this and we're gonna

call what we call the forty series you

can call 40 41 42 put it all the way

through so every time down the court if

you were to run the 40 series

you called 41 one time and then 47

another time and they'd be looking for

something different it's the same thing

that's what the 40 series is and the 40

series starts kick the ball across step

up just a little bit so you can touch it

and give it right back when you do that

Eric you flash to the middle okay you're

gonna screen the bottom guy as you come

across here we go reverse the ball you

got him okay there you go perfect

all right now and if this guy cheats to

get over the top that guy should just

step right to the ball and he will be

open right there let's try to run this