Shadow of the Colossus PS4 - 9th Colossus Boss Fight Guide

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hey everybody this is dave at polygon

guides i'm gonna show you how to beat

the 9th Colossus in Shadow of the

Colossus first up you want to leave the

Colossus away from the cave where it

starts because ultimately you're gonna

convince it to stand over one of these

geysers in the meantime it's your job to

avoid the fireballs just jump and roll

out of the way

stand around a geyser until it gets

there so now your goal is to keep the

Colossus here until the geyser erupts

you can run around and sort of get it to

follow you just don't run too far away

from the geyser because you want to

begin to be over it when the thing blows

up you can also shoot it with an arrow

if you want it to change direction and

follow you oh and while you're here you

can jump to avoid the damage when it