Let's Play Pokemon: Emerald - Part 24 - Sootopolis Gym Leader Juan

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hello banditos welcome back to more

let's play pokemon emerald optimal Rodri

last time we made our way to sootopolis

city we dove down we saw that Groudon

was fighting Kyogre there was some alien

versus president everything going on it

was a little strange we also made it

here specific log town and today we are

going to be headed out from here in

order to go in search of the third

legendary pokemon in this region which

we were told about by wallace now first

of all we're going to do one little

thing before we get this going so let me

go ahead and use a repel really quickly

and we'll get this show on the road we

need to make our way to the sky pillar

if you guys remember yeah Wallace told

us go to the sky pillar that's where you

will find who you need to find who

you're looking for who were you're