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hi this is Chris now let me teach you a

wee there is a new kind of life of

luxury keyboards and carefully the

tinsel tomasa

okay you see this is a normal page and

now if you you are supposed to go back

to system click Angela protect now take

you back to a system and then you see

you press here and the password is 1 2 3

4 5 6 ok and press Enter

and here the game and you can change the

percentage you see H and 80 1 2 3 until

you see 20 70 you see 72 percentage and

also you can adjust the max bit okay

thank you after you adjust well and you

can accept also there is a menu for the

printers the original password is 1 2 3

4 4 5 6 and press enter


it's it's like the young

this is crazy and now we just affixed