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well what's up everybody llama King here

and I think it's about time I do a video

on elite stage 8 9 this is mostly for my

guild mates few them have been having

some problems with this level it is a

very hard level now I am on llama king

yes my heroes are maxed o gold full gear

but at this point in hero stages you're

gonna want your heroes rank 8 full gear

if you don't have that you're gonna have

a hell of a time if not not be able to

do these levels at all especially once

you get up to eight twelve eight fifteen

and then eight eighteen you basically

you have to have rank eight full gear if

not you just gotta get really lucky if

you're missing a couple pieces of gear

color doesn't mean that much in hero

stages and Colosseum but if you do have

purple or gold heroes it'll help a