Candy Crush Level 782 Talkthrough, 24 Moves 0 Boosters

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hi friends this is Susy your gaming guru

here to help you solve the puzzle of

level 782 as a special dedication to

Shauna who has let me know that there

have been some significant changes here

we've had a severe reduction of moves I

think we had like 40 or 45 before we now

only have 24 to remove 14 jelly and the

jelly are trapped under licorice locks

and popcorn and this meringue frosting

here and marmalade so we've got some

work to do plus we've got licorice here

that we never had before those are the

bad things the good things are that

we've got a wrapped candy here now and

we've got stripes and stripe dispensers

so I think what I need to do is I'm

gonna try to rely on those to help me

maybe even get a color bomb color bomb

combo which would be wonderful but first

I have to get things open and that