Candy Crush Level 723 Audio Talkthrough, 2 Stars 0 Boosters

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hi friends this is Susie your candy

crush guru here to help sell the puzzle

puffle 723 this is my second playthrough

so I know that this is a tough one I've

got 50 moves and I'll have to do is

collect two ingredients but the

ingredients are wrapped up in these

sugar chests and I need to access these

sugar keys but they're isolated

everything is so narrow it's going to be

a tough job to get through here I do see

an opportunity right away to make a

stripe so I'll try to go for that I'm

gonna maybe the green look at all the

screen here well that stripes a little

too far up to be much assistance to me

but I just have to keep looking for all

of these different opportunities I want

to float that down let's see if I can

just a bit maybe I'm not matching that

because it's not aimed well here we go