7 Star Chewbacca Legendary Guide! F2P, No Zetas, No Bossk, No High Speed! | Galaxy of Heroes

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so I heard there's a bounty for a

Wookiee and you've come to me you've got

some of the best firepower weapons are

in equipment to take down such a beast

but one thing I bet you're lacking is a

plan and if you don't have a plan you're

planning like a noob now in this video a

bounty hunting 101 how to take down a

look yeah I'm gonna show you ladies and

germs how to unlock and seven-star the

one and only the famous wookie Chewbacca

without having to use pay to play

characters without having Zetas and

especially without having to use boss

because not all of us are the most

fortunate bounty hunters that have those

type of characters now what is the plan

if you haven't done it already why

haven't you go and hook yourself up with

Boba Fett recruit him on your team he is

going to be the MVP for this whole event