Sekiro - Seven Ashina Spears Made Simple (STEALTH Boss, Ashina Castle - Ashina Reservoir)

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doo-doo-doo-doo yeah what's up Shinobi's

mark here and we are working on seven

Spears man this guy is tough this guy's

really tough but I'm gonna show you a

couple things I'm gonna help you get

through this we are gonna go after this

guy now let's go over a couple tips here

this guide is strictly for the boss if

you want to clear out the guys around

him that's that's up to you I'm gonna

show you how to call quickly there's a

path where we can quickly get to him and

we're gonna perform it one stealth blow

on him Amanda we are gonna need it this

guy's were really hard

that's so stealth blood does help we're

going to use the firecracker mod if you

need help finding that just search my

videos for firecracker and I have a

guide on how to get it try to max out