Luigi's Mansion 3 How to Defeat the King Boss on Floor 6

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everyone this drive is coming at you

with another tutorial video for Luigi's

Mansion 3 this one's a little bit

difficult so I had some issues getting

through the king boss that's why I'm

making a tutorial video for it just in

case anybody's wondering took me a

little while to figure it out as you can

see my house a little low in this video

as it is and I've already used a golden

bone that I had but basically the way it


originally I thought that you had to use

some of the arrows that we're shooting

out from the background it's not the

case those are just projectiles so stay

away from those as you can see I get hit

by one of them because I'm trying to

figure out how to use it basically what

happens is he charges at you a couple

different times in a couple different