Candy Crush Level 680 help w/audio tips, hints, tricks

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hi friends this is Susan your candy

crush guru here to help you solve the

puzzle of level 680 where we have 30

moves to take two ingredients into one

of these receptacles which will get us

our 20,000 points but we have to kind of

figure out how to get from here to there

and the way we do it is we bring this

all the way down to here and then we

remove this somehow and it'll slide

through now this is one of the worst

spots on the board to have the

ingredient first appear

the only other worse spot would be maybe

right here because then it's not lined

up with a column we'd have to slide it

over probably to this edge and it's hard

to work on the edges I do see an

opportunity possibly to make a color

bomb in here and color bombs can be

extremely helpful on this board so I'm