How to beat six figure temps in gta5

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you can actually gain $200,000 for this

so yes if you do beat it you get 200,000

basically you're trying to transport

drugs so for taking the test

the answers are act like it's just gonna

say a bunch of room questions how you're

supposed to answer them is yes no yes no

yes no no no no other way around other

way around so you start off with no

thing that a yes no yes no and then you

do two yeses so when I says here one of

our clients is very rich in love

bullying's but he really likes the

balloons to be delivered to a person who

carries them in their Tommy he's from

South America and it's part of his

religion how many balloons can you bring

back and back from South America

basically you're trying to swallow ten

balls balloons of drugs and so people

try to spam it