Candy Crush Level 546 Audio Talkthrough 2 Stars 0 Boosters

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hi friends this is Susie or candy crush

guru here to help you solve the puzzles

level 546 this is my first playthrough

for recording purposes we've got 30

moves to clear out 36 jelly the problem

is that jelly we have to clear out it's

over here amidst all of this licorice

and we've got more licorice set to come

down I don't see any way to influence

this at all I can't bring a green over

here I can't make any specials this way

I'm gonna exit and come back in that's

what I know to do on these levels when

you don't have a good setup and it looks

like it's going to be complex now here

we go I do have an opportunity to reach

in here with the purple I also actually

have an opportunity to do this I'm going

to choose this instead and I'm going to

wait until this comes in here and then I

can make even more impact