Pokémon Sword and Shield 5 Star Max Raid Battle tips - How to beat 5 Star Max Raid Battles

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I'll release fire here so they'll come a

point when you're taking on max rate

battles here in pokemon sword and shield

where you just won't have many light

beacons flying up into the sky and the

ones that you do find through the crazy

weather are level 5 and level 5 star max

raid battles are just about as tough as

things get in pokemon sword and shield

outside of the end part of the main game

the reason for that is the Pokemon are

super powerful and they have these

shields that they put in place they have

two batches of them and they don't take

very much damage and they do a lot of

damage themselves mostly to the NPCs

that are put in your team and what this

means is that you might struggle to

actually make it through especially if

you're doing it with don't invite others

so I'm going to talk you through a few