The 4-3-3 Formation / Strengths And Weaknesses / Football Basics Explained

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hello there everyone

it is Mitsu here and welcome back to a

new video on my channel as you guys

watered for the 43 on the previous video

of this series today we will be

explaining the strengths and weaknesses

of the 4-3-3 formation just like the

previous video I'll be explaining the

type of flares you need to perfectly

apply this formation and then I will

discuss its strengths and weaknesses

while displaying some in-game analysis

to get a better idea of the topic so

with that being said let's get right

into it so the 4-3-3 formation has

different types some I played with an

attacking midfielder some MyPlate with a

defensive midfielder and some I pledge

with a flat midfield line anyway

whatever way you choose it's better to

have three different types of players in