Candy Crush Level 422 w/audio tips, hints, tricks

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hi friends this is Susy your candy crush

guru we're going to play level 422 we

need to bring down 5 cherries and obtain

50,000 points to get one star this will

give us the points in 35 moves we've got

a problem though there's popcorn and it

is sealing up the area where we're going

to bring our ingredients down now we

only really have to open up one of these

of course more is better but we also

have to deal with the liquorice twirls

that are going to come down too so I'm

going to focus on trying to open up the

centre first if I can it's a little bit

tricky because we've got frosting here

and we've got the chocolate spawners and

all sorts of little fun things trying to

defeat us but that's ok we are stronger

than it alright so this isn't

repopulating because of this frosting so

I need to kind of clear things out if I