How to beat Four Suit Spider Solitaire tutorial

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so I consider myself something of a

spider solitaire expert and I thought I

would put together a quick video

demonstrating the methods that I use to

beat the game and just so that we know

that I don't have a stage game here I'm

just gonna go in here and restart this

is a four game or a four suit game and I

thought it would be fun just to go we'll

show you from scratch how I do it and

the reason is behind the moves that I

make so with that let me run through the

steps as you're aware you must be within

suit and able to move the cards in such

a way so if I have to laying up like

this and I have a single over here I'm

always going to go and go for the single

now in this case I have a chance to go

and lay over here but I want to check

for the opportunity here with my aces