How to Win EVERY 4 Star Spirit Battle and Get 9.9 on Classic Mode! [Smash Bros Ultimate]

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two of the hardest things right now in

Super Smash Brothers ultimate is beating

a four star spirit and getting nine

point nine scale rating in classic mode

what's up guys I'm landing and I'm here

today to tell you exactly how to do just

those two things and now let me tell you

right now these methods aren't a hundred

percent you know you'll die a couple

times trying to do this but it is the

most easiest and most effective way that

I've found so far so let's get right on

into it so starting off with the spirits

now obviously you go through one two and

three stars fear is pretty handily and

then you'll see in three star it gets a

little bit difficult but the 4-star

spirits are ranked up to the max don't

either have multiple characters fighting

you but whatever it is the CPUs are just