How to beat the four move checkmate

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one of the most common opening traps for

beginning players is the four move

checkmate this usually starts out with

the moves

efore d5 both of these are excellent

moves but now why tries for a quick

attack with the move Queen h5 so what is

White's threat with Queen h5 why

develops a piece and by creating the

threat Queen takes e5 forces black to

defend at least temporarily so how

should black deal with this threat well

let's look at some of blacks options

Knight f6 a counter texting's Queen is

simply a bad move because of Queen takes

d5 the worst option is probably g6

because after Queen takes e5 white is

threatening both the king and the rook

on h8 and will simply win a piece after

or something like Queen takes Queen e7

and Queen takes h8 Queen f6 defends the