top eleven how to beat 4-1-3-2 and is top eleven unfair when playing against them

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hey what's up guys let's start out

today's video with a little bit of segue

into the main topic and the main topic

is how to beat the four one three two

formation that top level mercy use

especially in the preparation tournament

where we're in right now so you do

realize that the normal way of beating

the four one three two formation is with

the four three two one formation and you

can use the tree the tree defenders tree

tree defender scissors shimmy fasteners

milfy right

let me read other people up and to move

it sent to central striker our use

attempt if it's time if you center and

essence tracker I don't know what it is

with me worse a day but so it is so

hands down if you use that for three two

one formation on any for one three two

formation that is produced by any other