How to beat Third World Farmer - (WITH COMMENTARY) TheFlashGamesChannel

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hey what's up guys today we're gonna be

playing a game called third-world farmer

and this is a game about the struggles

and hardships about these people that

live in these third-world countries and

the that they have to go through so

anyways that start all right we got 50

bucks guys and we're gonna just buy

wheat and we got four people hopefully

none of them get Ebola and

like that

alright let's go come on come on big

money big money big money

alright 127 bucks and someone got sick

is the family ah god damn it guy

asti it's okay it's okay

we forgive you guy yes II just don't do

that again oh it's good that

person's gonna die the next turn I have

no money though I need the money for the

crops oh okay if your hundred