NIOH Boss Guide - How to Kill Hino-Enma - Third Boss Walkthrough and Guide

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the third boss of neo is called he no

anima and today I'm going to show you a

recipe on how to defeat her she can be

quite difficult so there are a few

things that you should know about before

heading into this dangerous battle so

the start the fight see no animal will

charge towards you with a giant swoop

attack she will indicate this by giving

some sound indications she will stun and

then scream out loud while charging

towards you you want to make sure it's a

fighter dodge to the left or right or

keep running by holding the X button and

to either side after dodging the initial

attacks he will adapt into different

moves depending on how far you are away

from her if you're close ranged and

within range of her melee attack

she will instantly try to kick you with

her tic attacks we could either be one