Candy Crush Level 377 help w/audio tips, hints, tricks

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hi friends this is Susie your candy

crush goo goo here to help solve the

puzzle of level 377 where we have 20

moves to clear out 60 green 60 purple 60

blue candies and reach 30 thousand

points and rusty informed me that we

used to have 50 moves to clairaut a

hundred of each of these which means

that previously we had to clear out six

of our targets per turn now we have to

clear out an average of nine of our

targets per turn sounds awful but we do

have another advantage on here that we

didn't before we used to have six colors

on the board now we only have five it

still makes it a harder level than it

used to be but not drastically more

difficult we have to change our focus a

little bit now we really have to get a

good head start on this we have to plow

through as much of this as possible