Candy Crush Level 376 w/audio tips, hints, tricks

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hi friends this is Susie your candy

crush guru we're playing level 376 which

is a hard level the third hard level in

the row and we'll come up with another

one as the fourth hard level after we

don't this we need to bring down 18

ingredients that are gonna be up here

and drop from this area we need to

collect them into one of these green

arrow columns we've got all this

chocolate in the way all of this

frosting of the way we can't work over

here we have to work over here and try

to take this out when we take out this

cake bomb it will remove all of the

chocolate so that's no longer gonna be a

problem so if I think oh I can take out

a row of chocolate doesn't matter

because nothing's gonna happen to that

until we can move this unless I can

remove this row it's just gonna be very