Candy Crush Level 374 Audio Talkthrough, 3 Stars 0 Boosters

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hi friends this is Susie your candy

crush guru here to help sell the puzzle

of level 374 which is a hard level where

we have to collect 150 purple candies

we've got 50 moves to do it now I think

what makes it hard as we've got these

ticking time-bomb dispensers once we

open this up we will have a deluge of

ticking time bombs coming down at us so

what I'm going to hope to do is actually

hold off I'm using this until I get my

first dose of time bombs down here and

then I'll open that up but it's hard

because as I make these moves I will be

striking against here

the other thing on a level where we're

collecting a particular color is I don't

concentrate on the color so much as I do

on just creating an upset on the board

the more chaos I can create the more

likely I will bring down all of the