Candy Crush Level 341 w/audio tips, hints, tricks

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hi friends this is Susie your candy

crush guru were playing level 341 it's a

little bit tricky so we're going to talk

about it before we jump in we have to

collect six color bombs and we have to

get 10,000 points to get one star but by

collecting those we will get the points

not a problem we've got three color

bumps on the board and that's good

because color bombs forget color bombs

but we have to clear out all of this

frosting and all of this frosting first

and we can't shoot things across with

horizontally stretched candies because

we've got this licorice in the way it

won't really go through there so we just

have to try to hit the frosting as often

as thoroughly as we can the good news is

there aren't very many colors on this

more they're only four colors of candy

and so it's kind of easy to make