Terraria 1.2: How to Defeat the Golem! (UPDATED EASY SOLO GUIDE / TUTORIAL) @demizegg

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how's it going you guys my name is

demise and in this video I'll be doing

an updated guide on how to defeat the

new hard mode boss the golem with the

1.2 update there has been a lot of new

stuff added to the game and with the

console update very soon I decided to do

an entire playlist covering all the new

hard mode bosses so check that out if

you need help with any of the earlier

bosses so to start off you'll first need

to find a jungle temple or rather the

lizard temple which will be located in

the underground jungle I can't give you

very many tips on how to find it but it

is fairly large so you should probably

stumble across it while searching the

jungle for resources like the

light-fruit or a claw fight or you will

need to have the feeder plant arrow to

enter the temple so check out my guide