Golem 3 Star Esper Guide! SHOULDN'T HAVE SKIPPED LEG DAY! - [FFBE] Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

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what's going on YouTube clay Keys all

back again with another final fantasy

brave x vs 3 star s4 guide and today

we're talking about getting that big

rock formation the guy who definitely

skips like day 3 star s4 golem now I

thought this fight was gonna be

extremely strong and extremely hard but

then once I what's the dark side again

got the evade tank with a little bit of

Veritas the earth since gone does earth

damage Veritas of the earth eats Garth

damaged it was alright but first I want

to talk about the fight and if you don't

have a certain you know something about

to use so you couldn't at least

understand and then maybe you know do

things on your own we have to complete

the quest obviously no items we can use

any items evoke Tetris Sylphide which is

essentially the one that'll take down to