[FFBE] Carbuncle 3-Star Esper Trial - All Missions

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hey guys welcome to another session of

FFP global today we're taking on

carbuncle three star new trial of the

Ruby thirty energy here are the missions

complete the quest to get five white

super sites defeat carbuncle with magic

you get a four star guarantee ticket and

evoke Diablos four or five percent trust

moogle party of five were less companion

included for another ten white super

sites where you not attempt all missions

and we're not gonna go with the

companion here let me introduce my team

so I'm gonna go with Rydia and LexA here

as our tornado chain errs so we're gonna

change or NATO and to cap off with

Setzer we're gonna go with a Setzer

cheese method so there's two ways to

fight carbuncle one is the deal to dark

damage to get them to mode change and