Boss Strategy LIVE: How to Beat Cerberus of Kingdom Hearts 1 Final Mix

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hey there everyone Omega snake here and

welcome back to more bus strategy live

where I take on the fall all the bosses

and Kingdom Hearts final mix while I'm

streaming it and today

spas is none other than Cerberus in the

Olympus Coliseum now of course before we

get into it let's go over preparations

now nothing's really changed since the

last since I fought Shrek master so

basically just have potion maybe a mega

potion if you really want Donald and

Goofy around and the lik serve things

get dicey and an ethyl Elie --km ajik

and basically keep Donald and Goofy

empty because well since I'm on pro mode

they're gonna die pretty quick they're

gonna waste your items I'm not kidding

now as for equipment I haven't changed

anything since trick master but for