Second Sister (Zeffo) Boss Guide [4k HDR] - Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

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hey everyone sweet Johnny Cage here back

with another guide for Star Wars Jedi

fallen order this time I'm gonna show

you how to fight and defeat second

sister on zepho so obviously this fights

a little bit bugged she's just standing

still with a lightsaber a straight upper

face this game is very weird alright so

starting off this fight can be broken

down into somewhat two phases she does

get some extra abilities later on in the

fight she kind of goes into a bit of a

half phase that she'll eventually

transition out of all of her attacks

including her force push our parable

except for the attacks where she's

glowing red just like any other enemy so

with that said we want to take advantage

of some pretty obvious tells that she

has this fights really about patience as

you can see there I parried one hit and