How i beat two DUI , driving under the influence

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I had to make this video and this video

is I like how I beat two DUIs I'd be two

duis and they changed my life

the first DUI I was like a couple

Christmases ago I was like driving out

to my mom house and I mean I was sloppy

drunk I mean I was totally sloppy drunk

and I was going like our way and I was

on the expressway and I don't know what

happened I really don't remember what

happened but when I woke up I woke up to

like the state troopers like knocking on

my car window and when they knocked on

my car window I had in a cup holder I

had two cups two cups like full of Grey

Goose and I had a bottle of Grey Goose

in my glove compartment that I was

drinking off of I was driving drunk and

I did that on a regular so she knocked

on my window and then when I got out I

seen that my car was like the tail there