Candy Crush Level 2929 Talkthrough, 42 Moves 0 Boosters

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hi friends this is Susy your candy crush

guru here to help you solve the puzzle

of level 29 29 where we have 42 moves to

collect four ingredients so two

ingredients are already on the board and

I've got a couple of dispensers here the

next two could come from either one or

both of those and I have to get them

into these one of these six slots

presumably this one because the path

that's probably going to take us down

this way and through here but I've got

licorice locks and portals to deal with

before I get there thankfully I've got a

striped candy dispenser here so let's

see how I can make that work if I can

make that work if I do this nothing's

going to happen because this is here

it's not going to work out and I'm

having trouble with all of this purple

that's on the board because I don't