Candy Crush Level 269 Audio Talkthrough, 3 Stars 0 Boosters

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hi friends this is Susie or candy crush

goo boo here to help you solve the

puzzle puzzle 269 which is a hard level

where we've got to clear out 16 jelly in

50 moves and the jelly are trapped here

under these licorice swirls and we've

kept ticking time bombs that are set I

can get 14 it's something generous like

14 or 15 now we do have helpers on the

board I have fish and I have a color

color bomb here and that's going to help

me hopefully especially when I get some

ticking time bombs that are ferocious

what I really want to do is just bust

through here with anything I've got

including the fish I love to hold off

and use the fish at the very end to play

cleanup but right now I just need to get

some progress in here

I need colors in here that I can match

up so I am going to use at least a