Candy Crush Level 2626 help w/audio tips, hints, tricks

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and up for ourselves we can make these

stripes and try to keep going with them

but even getting those stripes is luck

based I would say really no point to

make that but I couldn't get that set

off okay so this one's actually looking

pretty good we need some nice color

bombs to help us out here we're going to

match with green because this will take

out stuff it doesn't take out the

licorice but it takes out frosting and

chocolate and things like that and now

we want to match this up with a special

preferably a color bomb well or

preferably anything that didn't quite

work out yeah nothing good okay so we're

gonna take out blue because blue is

sitting next to that frosting okay we'll

take out blue again we're going to try

to get that set up with something else

oh now here green is going to be most