Candy Crush Level 227 Talkthrough, 18 Moves 0 Boosters

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hi friends this is Susy your gaming guru

here to help you solve the puzzle of

level 227 in candy crush saga as a

special dedication to Colette who has

let me know that this board has changed

both in the requirements what we need to

do and then also in its labeling it's

now a super hard level we can tell by

the skull and the blue background where

we have 18 moves to collect 30 licorice

now I think I can see a good strategy

here that doesn't mean I'm going to be

able to get it done on the first try

it's a super hard level but I think I

have a strategy I'm going to try it out

and if it doesn't work then I'll modify

it and keep trying until I get it

hopefully win or lose I'll learn each

time but what I see is the licorice are

here and when I first looked I thought

well maybe I need to make stripes and