Candy Crush Level 2211 help w/audio tips, hints, tricks

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hi friends this is Susie or candy crush

goo boo here to help you solve the

puzzle global 2211 where we have 22

moves to clear out 71 jelly and reach 71

thousand points unfortunately on this

board we have very limited moves we can

make I can only make one move and it

takes this stripe away from hitting this

popcorn which I'm not thrilled about but

I'll get over it and hopefully find some

more things to do again not a lot of

options here what I need to try doing

obviously I think on this board is

opening this up and opening the popcorn

up getting through the smarm allayed and

the most difficult thing in my opinion

is getting through these liquorice

twirls so any kind of special that I can

make is going to be helpful now let's

take a look at this I would like to use

this with either orange or purple