How to get any tile in 2048: Hack

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hey guys um what's up welcome to another

video and in today's video we're gonna

be you have this not sure if you notice

anything wrong or moves when I score I

say but I actually have you probably

know this but it's really really easy to

I guess you could say not hack so change

the tiles that you currently have if you

know what I mean

anyways as you can see these are

actually real tie ups if I reload the

page because you know when you inspect

when you reload the page you've resets

real tiles so I'll show you you know

once that here box

32700 it now what we're gonna do what

we're gonna do is we're gonna make it no

you can't really do this in Chromebook

okay so what you would do is forever

wavy would inspect an element that's

what you do to click for me it's control