How To Beat 2048 (Best Strategy Tips For Beating 2048 Game Tile)

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hey what's up guys it is Patrick here

and in this video I'm going to be going

over a great strategy on how to beat the

game 2048 beat it on my phone a couple

times and I've seen a lot of videos on

this how to do it and I feel like some

are either just you know too short or

that they don't go in-depth enough or

they don't even have voice videos so I

wanted to go over kind of more in depth

video on how to beat this game because I

know there's still a lot of people who

haven't beat it and it is a really fun

game I feed it like think three times on

my phone and I you know I finally

decided well why don't I just make a

video on this so hopefully this will

help you out now basically the main

strategy that most people have in

beating this and I take no credit in

this is you want to have your biggest