The Basics Of 2 Read / Palms Coverage | Learn How To Install It

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cut the audio already alright

we are live welcome back tonight we're

gonna be talking about to reading palms

coverage my name is Chris Haddad steve

McGrath ryan swing go along side with us

as well

and what we're gonna do tonight it's

gonna be a little bit different I'm

gonna first walk through and be sleeping

around gonna walk through what is palms

coverage and the basics of palm coverage

and then after that we're gonna turn to

the offensive side and actually how to

beat palms coverage that way if you're a

defense coordinator or if you work with

the defense you understand where the

holes are and we have clips and cut ups

that a coach Wingull has brought up so

we're gonna take a look at those but

first before we actually get into these

clips and everything I'm gonna pull up a