Candy Crush Level 1692 Audio Talkthrough, 1 Star 0 Boosters

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hi friends this is Susy your candy crush

guru here to help you solve the puzzle

level 1692 where we have 50 moves to

clear out 60 jelly and this is really


we've got jelly under licorice we've got

these very narrow passages we've got

conveyor belts but then we also have

this area with a chocolate spawner

it's not fun and I don't like this setup

so I know that I can exit and re-enter

over and over I didn't lose any of my

three lives if I were to bring in

boosters which I've always tempted to do

on this board I wouldn't lose any of

those but I'm going to try to do it

without boosters still nothing here

still nothing good to set up so what I'm

going to do is pause the recording and

come back in when I find something that

I think is going to work okay so